fragments of an attempted writing.

I saw on facebook a post of nothing but the above symbol.  The following was one of the comments made by a Greek fellow:

Actually its the symbol of the Socialist International. Just a a few days ago Ben-Ali of Tunisia and Mubarak of Egypt and their respective "parties" (q.v. "gangs") were full-time members. Its president is George A. Papandreou, no other than the prime minister of Greece and the leader of the PASOK gang, who was elected on his promise of helping out the poor, and duly proceeded to bring the country under IMF control, reduced public sector salaries by 15%, is currently selling out not only all public services but 50% of all government real-estate to corporations and the banksters, increased transportation fares by 40% and is implementing a new law that gives a 3-month prison sentence to anyone caught riding a bus without a valid ticket, in order to suppress the "Can't Pay, Won't Pay" movement ( Recently a girl has been arrested on terrorist charges based on evidence of "reading and possesing anarchist books, posters and visiting anarchist websites", human trafficking charges have been made on people helping 300 immigrant hunger strikers (, the town of Keratea is literally under siege and arbitrary arrest by the riot police (the notorious M.A.T.) with teargas being thrown in their homes for reacting against the installation a garbage dump on an archaeological site. Just a few examples of SI and the socialdemocrats behaviour when in government...

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