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"What I find amusing, as does Myers, is the conceit that anybody in this country gives a rat’s ass what novelists and artists think about anything political."


"Writers should be very, very wary of joining any march, in reality or on paper, for any cause other than freedom of speech. Beware the crowd."

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This from the guy who for some months seemed to have no other job than to serve as a pseudonymous blogger attacking the enemies of his embattled Manhattan Declarationist bishop.  Apparently the conceit that anybody in this country gives a rat's ass what a list of clerics and religious pundits think about anything political is a worthwhile conceit.  And apparently a writer joining the pixel march of defending his embattled Manhattan Declarationist bishop against the evil horde of the supposed homosexualist onslaught is not something to be so wary about.


  1. the templeton folks should give him more work, obviously

    or did he quit them when he moved back south

  2. The days when the clergy were the most respected members of society are long gone. I can't think of a single clergyman who can project power outside of his own congregation, except for the pope (who is in a category by himself). More people probably form their opinions from pop stars, actors, and youtube than artists, writers, or clergymen.

  3. Leah, given the degree of moral authority that most clergy these days actually *possess* (as opposed to *attempt to exercise*), that's probably not a bad thing.

  4. LOL, Owen maybe he is coming around?

    Leah/Subdcn: Respect is something to shun, moral authority or none.

  5. Apophatically Speaking: The point I was trying to make is that most segments of society are deluded about their ability to change public opinion. If the average joe isn't having his opinion formed by an artist or novelist, why would they pay attention to someone like Rod Dreher? It's not about respect, it's about being realistic.

  6. He should go back to gulping Murdoch. There's slightly more honor in that then providing cover for the most embarrassing closet case clique in American religion.

    And in regards to his intellectual endeavors, it takes a certain type of person to be a poor man's David Brooks for bourgeois religious conservatives with boutique tastes.

  7. What kind of person would that be?

  8. providing cover for the most embarrassing closet case clique in American religion

    LOL. Interesting you should mention that.

    I am sedulously steering clear of Rod's new blog, but I hear about it from other sources, notably my pal Pauli's blog.

    I understand that, in a recent post, Rod actually addressed the remote possibility that Met. Jonah might be covering up sexual-abuse cases in the OCA. (Um, sitting on the SMPAC report might be some indication of that...ya think?) Of course, Rod quickly dismissed said possibility, claiming that it was based on "cherry-picked" evidence, whatever that means. (Is it evidence, or isn't it?)

    Meanwhile, he let perp-enabling Catholic Bishop Finn have it with both barrels. In response to one defender of Bishop Finn, Rod snarkily intoned, "Whitewash, rinse, repeat."

    Now, believe me, I'm no defender of Bishop Finn. The guy should be run out of town on a rail before being slammed in a rat-infested clinker for a good long spell.

    But that's not the point. The point is Dreher's hypocrisy: carrying water for OCA perp-enablers (talk about "whitewash, rinse, repeat"!!) while obsessively fixating on and relentlessly blasting Catholic perp-enablers.

    Double Standards R Us. Has anyone outside of Rod's dwindling Amen Corner not noticed his glaring hypocrisy?

    Well, heck, at least we papists actually BUST our perps nowadays. Even when we take a while to get around to it, we out 'em and bust 'em eventually. That's a heck of a lot more than Rod's excuse-making OCA does. Transparent? Yeah, transparent as mud.



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