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I'm still ill, but hope to post more books for sale on here later in the week.

I tried to find something interesting to link to, but after skimming/reading an argument between a guy who thinks that pretty much all 7 billion people alive today are going to be tortured eternally in hell, and a guy who thinks, no, it's only going to be like only 6 and a half billion people that are going to be tortured eternally in hell, I decided I was going to try to find my copy of Saramago's The Gospel According to Jesus Christ for some light afternoon reading.  I also need to read Saramago's last book, Cain, but I haven't had that one in my hands yet.

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  1. Saramago's excellent. There was a time, before my daughter came along, before I became underemployed, that I considered reading through all the Nobel Laureates in Literature and started with him. I read 'Blindness' and 'The Double' and ran out of time before that novel about Death and 'The Cave'. In any event, he's up there with Cormac McCarthy as far as good, contemporary novelists go. If you can't find 'The Gospel...', read McCarthy's 'The Road' and you'll, in a friend's words, 'never look at your child the same way again'.


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