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go ahead, be an asshole, there's no benefit in being happy...

But there’s no evidence to back up the idea that an upbeat attitude can prevent any illness or help someone recover from one more readily. On the contrary, a recently completed study of nearly 60,000 people in Finland and Sweden who were followed for almost 30 years found no significant association between personality traits and the likelihood of developing or surviving cancer. Cancer doesn’t care if we’re good or bad, virtuous or vicious, compassionate or inconsiderate. Neither does heart disease or AIDS or any other illness or injury.

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  1. I tried to be cheerful when I had cancer because that seemed fairer on everyone else and I’m glad they seemed to catch it quick, firstly, because I get longer to repent and, secondly, because it’s lessened my chances of spending whatever’s left of my life in a cell for murdering some bloody idiot for telling me to “be positive.” I had the cancer that killed my mother and grandmother and my grandmother remained sane through WWI, the Russian revolution, the Russian civil war, several months in a Soviet prison, exile, the Great Depression and WWII SO IF ATTITUDE IS WHAT DOES IT SHE’D STILL BE HERE. Morons.


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