fragments of an attempted writing.

The Great House

However it came, this great house has gone down
Unconquered into chaos (as you might see
A famous ship warped to a rotting quay
In miles of weeds and rubbish, once a town.)
So the great house confronts the brutish air,
And points its turrets towards the hidden sky,
While in the dark the flags of honour fly
Where faith and hope and bravery would not dare.

Accident did not do this, nor mischance.
But so must order to disorder come
At their due time, and honour take its stance
Deep in dishonour’s ground. Chaos is new,
And has no past or future. Praise the few
Who built in chaos our bastion and our home.

- Edwin Muir, Collected Poems.


  1. Owen,

    Well, the Packers crushed them Bears.

    Somehow, looking around this neighborhood, I'm assuming things of a spiritual nature per se are not going to be your main concern except perhaps offering critique on religion in general and Orthodoxy in particular.

    Are you open to a phone conversation? In principle? I promise I'm not a Blessed Father Seraphim look alike.

  2. AND, I should add I am your official first comment from what I can tell so you should talk to me. :)

    p.s. Yeah, I know you're not an emoticon type of guy so I ask your forbearance on that end.


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