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So what do you do when you are the Nobel Peace Prize winning president who has brought the number of wars we are in up to 5 (thanks Daniel for correcting that number on my part), but that just isn't enough?

Why, declare war on the Amish of course.

Not that I am of the sentiment that the Amish are great little social contributors.  In rural WI they are putting a burden on local resources, especially rural hospitals, and the Amish there are loaded so I have no problem with finding more ways to tax them so as to recoup losses to the social infrastructure, but, really, armed raids against raw milk farmers?  Please.

HT Venny.


  1. You know things are bad when you can't keep track of how many countries your nation is bombing.
    When I first posted this I, too, said "four" and then it occurred to me: we also have been sending drones into Pakistan, and we have sent an assassination squad into that nation. These are acts of war, so that makes five.

  2. As a friend of mine told me on FB yesterday, there is also Somalia, where we continue acts of war. Maybe we should up it to 6. And God only knows what fronts the U.S. military is fighting on that the public is unaware of.

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