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a month in the country

I was pleased to hear this on NPR this evening.  I came to read Carr after reading Byron Rogers' biography of him.  Rogers wrote one of the best biographies I have ever read, The Man Who Went Into the West, the Life of R.S. Thomas.  After reading it I decided to read Rogers' The Last Englishman, the Life of J.L. Carr, though I had not yet read anything by Carr.  Rogers' praise of A Month in the Country turned out to be deserved.  Jesse Browner's little NPR intro to the work fits the short novel well.

The prints are by J.L. Carr.


  1. R.S Thomas is a good poet for sure.

    The Carr book looks intriguing. I like the idea of such novel.

    Also see he was in Kettering which is where my mother came from!

    Interesting leftish Blog. Regards, RT

  2. Thanks Richard! R.S. Thomas is one of my favorites.


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