fragments of an attempted writing.

equal to the founders...

The perfect gift for your Manhattan Declarationist Eastern Orthodox friends.


  1. I like the Stalin ones better.

  2. did you take that off Glen Beck's wall....

  3. The patronal icon of a few parishes I know.
    Those also pray :"Holy bloody Nicholas pray to God for us."

  4. LOL, now, now. You must admit she's a fine-looking woman, and she does come off as rather Joan of Arc-ish in that icon. (No, I am not a Palinista, for the record.)

    BTW, I assume this post was inspired by that "Equal to the Apostles" label the OCATruthers are applying to the late Abp. Dmitri. Sheesh, talk about Santo Subito. But "equal to the apostles"? Yipes...exaggerate much?


    P.S. I own a pair of Sara Palin shoes (that's what I call them, because they remind me of the shoes she wore during one of the VP debates in 2008). Very high-heeled black patents. They were Model Shoes. After we've finished a certain number of photo shoots, my big boss always gathers up all the Model Shoes left over from the shoots and sells them to us working stiffs for $1 to $5 per pair. Because I have big feet (the only way in which I resemble a mdoel), I always make out like a bandit. The Sara Palin shoes cost me a whopping $5. Mostly I have $1 shoes, though. I can't tell the difference between the $1 and the $5 ones. They're all pretty cool. One of the very few benefits of working in this crazy business. (The other benefits being sample sales and the employee store.)

  5. Diane,

    Don't get me started on the cult of Gandalf.

    SP is an attractive woman. I think the GOP trading her for Michele Bachmann this election year was a definite step down in terms of the eye candy they've been offering.

  6. ^ lol, I agree, SP is prettier than Michele. She can whup a grizzly better, too.


  7. The "equal to the apostles" line started with Fr. Stephen Freemen, who as far as I know has no connection to OCAT and is the most apolitical religious blogger on the web. I believe he served his entire career as an Orthodox priest under Abp. Dmitri. He is a wonderful inspiring writer and I have to forgive him a little hyperbole on the death of his mentor.

    Anon II

  8. Owen, I just threw up in my mouth a bit.

  9. Please say this is not a real sign. is it? where?

    Anon III

  10. Anon III,

    I suppose you could ask this guy:


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