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books for sale, part one.

I have a sick three year old clinging to me so I will only get 10 books up today.

The above monograph is The Crimes of England by G.K. Chesterton.  This is the Second Edition, December 1915 (the first edition was November 1915).  127 Pages.  Publisher info in photo.  This book is in poor to fair condition and I normally don't sell poor condition books but I know that there are collectors out there who would take this copy.  This is an early 20th century European style paperback made at the time when paperbacks not meant for re-binding were just beginning to be sold widely to the general public.  It's almost like a very long pamphlet.  The spine is 1/3 missing and frayed.  The front cover is holding on barely - it may not be attached post shipping.  But all the pages are intact and clean, aside from some oxidation consistent with the book's age.  This book could be repaired and bound in cloth by a competent bookbinder (I always recommend Campbell-Logan Bindery).  The Cecil Palmer & Hayward symbol on both cover and front page is attractive.  Price $25.00 plus $6.00 S&H.

The above monograph is scarce.  A first edition of A Chesterton Calendar, published by Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co. Ltd., London 1911.  Complied from the Writings of 'G.K.C.' Both in Verse and in Prose.  With a section apart for the Moveable Feasts.  Cloth.  421 pages.  Fair to good condition.  Interior hinges have been taped in the past and re-papered, the hinge in back is cracked but intact, with no abuse to function or the soundness of the binding.  Pages are clean with normal oxidation for a book of this age.  The photo of the exterior pages shows that they are rough cut and purposely irregular - this is how the book was originally bound - the exterior side and bottom of the pages are rough cut, the top is smooth and gilt, though the gilt is slightly faded.  My bookplate on interior front board.  The book has removable protective plastic on it (not pictured, I removed it temporarily because of the glare).  All in all this book is in good condition for it's age and would make any GKC collector quite happy.   Price $60 plus $10 S&H.  SOLD

The above monograph is a first edition of The Party System by Hilaire Belloc and Cecil Chesterton.  Scarce.  Cecil was GK's brother and the most, shall we say, aggressive of the early distributists.  Published by Stephen Swift, London, 1911.  Cloth, 226 pages and 2 publisher's advertisements.  Slight crack to front hinge, with binding sound and all pages tight and intact.  Good to very good condition.  This book lacks the dust jacket that originally dressed the monograph when sold from publisher.  Pages are clean with normal oxidation for a book of this age.  My bookplate on interior front board, as well as the signature, in what appears to be fountain pen ink, of a certain Gordon MacDonald, which from the apparent age and sophistication does not appear to be the signature of the famous Evangelical pastor of the same name, who had an affair at what perhaps should have been the height of his career, had he not gone on to make a fortune in books and speaking tours promoting his repentance such that he became even more famous as a professional repenter - no friends, I am confident this is the pen of a different Gordon MacDonald.  An excellent collector's copy.  Price $90.00 plus $10.00 S&H.

The above monograph is The Contrast by Hilaire Belloc.  This is Belloc's book which compares the U.S. with Britain.  If you are in one of those U.S. hating moods (about the last decade or so for me), this will serve you well.  Robert M. McBride & Company, New York, 1924.  Cloth.  267 pages.  Ex-lib with library markings throughout - "Property of Catholic Library... Hartford, Conn."  Former dust jacket glue stains on interior front and back covers.  Glue stain on spine from a library sticker no longer present.  Excerpt of a description of book glued to interior front board, my bookplate on interior back board.  Top and bottom of spine very slightly frayed.  Overall good ex-lib condition.  Price $15.00 plus $5.00 S&H.

For some reason the photo didn't turn out well on this one, it looks in the photo like it might have water damage on the front bottom right of the board, but in person it's just that the cover is slightly wrinkled, appropriate to its age.  I think the light in the photo makes it look weird in a way that it doesn't in person, and I am too lazy to take another picture, in part because I am such a horrid photographer I probably won't do any better the second time around.  The above monograph is the first American edition of Utopia of Userers and Other Essays by Gilbert K. Chesterton.  One of the other essays is "A Workman's History of England" which is something of an outline of what GKC wanted to see in a then unpublished book he imagined covering the history of workingmen in England.  That essay causes me to wonder what GKC would have thought of E. P. Thompson's magisterial Making of the English Working Class had GKC lived to see that work (which only covers the 1790s through 1840s, but still).  The above book is Boni and Liveright, New York, 1917 (hell of a year to be publishing books on the evils of usury, eh?).  Cloth.  217 pages.  Cover is slightly wrinkled from age with slight fraying at spine ends and corners.  Pages are clean and tight, with normal oxidation for a book of this age.  My book plate on front interior board, as well as the signature of Malachy T. Mahon, 1953 on the opposing page.  I wonder if this book was in the hands of this guy when he was a young man.  Anyway, this copy of Utopia of Userers and Other Essays is in good to very good condition overall, and would make any GKC collector or distributist collector a happy soul.  Price $50.00 plus $7.50 S&H.

The above book is The Restoration of Property by Hilaire Belloc.  Sheed & Ward, New York, 1936.  Cloth.  144 pages.  No dust jacket, but an extraordinarily clean, tight copy.  Very slight oxidation of pages, less than one expects from a book of this age.  My bookplate in front board.  Ends of spine and edges of boards show very slight wear.  Otherwise very good to excellent condition.  Price $30.00 plus $5.00 S&H.

The above monograph is the first American edition of Eugenics & Other Evils by G.K. Chesterton.  Scarce.      Dodd, Mead, & Company, New York, 1927.  Slight crack in front pages, though binding is sound and pages are tight.  Clean copy, with normal oxidation for age.  Slight scrape on exterior of pages, though this is only noticeable because they were published with a rough cut - does not affect the integrity of the pages.    Very slight fraying at top end of spine and slight wear to cover.  My bookplate in front board.  Otherwise good to very good condition.  This is an excellent collectors copy.  Compare my copy to this one, which appears to be in only slightly better condition.  Price $65.00 plus $10.00 S&H.

The above work is volume 6 of The Catholic University of America Studies in Christian Antiquity, edited by Johannes Quasten.  It is The Attitude Towards Labor in Early Christianity and Ancient Culture by Arthur T. Geoghegan.  CUA Press, Washington, D.C., 1945.  Paper (the binding is typical of an American dissertation published by an academic press during that period), 250 pages with 6 black and white plates.  Cover frayed at all edges and with slight dent on front.  Pages clean and tight with very slight oxidation.  Otherwise good condition.  Price $25.00 plus $6.00 S&H.

The above title is a dissertation, but one which will be of great interest to most distributists. Foundations of A Modern Guild System by Rev. Harold Francis Trehey, M.A.  CUA Press, Washington, D.C. 1940.  Paper, 204 pages.  The book is inscribed to the Rev. Father Robert McEwen, S.J., with best wishes, by a certain L. Arent, who leaves her West 121 St. NYC address.  Perhaps she had her name and address in there before she intended to give the book to our Jesuit.  Then again, we are talking about a Jesuit here, so perhaps the address was an invitation.  In any event. the book is a typical dissertation style paperback, frayed at edges, small portion of bottom spine missing.  Pages tight, normal oxidation.  Some underlining and marking, though minimal and unobtrusive, mostly in light colored pencil.  Chapters include The Principle of Libery, Other Principles (which includes sections on the Principle of Subsidiarity and the Principle of General Welfare, among others), The Medieval Guilds, the Union (with a subsection titled The Union - the Foundation of the Guild Structure), The Joint Council and Collective Agreements, Public-Legal Status, The Guild, Some Existing or Proposed Guilds, The Guild and the State, Guild Autonomy in a Legitimately Constituted State, Building the Guild Structure, and a Conclusion.  It's a pretty fascinating work from a distributist perspective.  Fair to good condition (probably good to very good for a dissertation of this age - the paper "binding" is very thin).  Price $30.00 plus $5.00 S&H.

The last work for sale today is that classic work of distributist thought, The Servile State, by Hilaire Belloc.  This is the first American edition.  Henry Holt and Company, New York, 1946.  Cloth, 189 pages.  There are library stamps that convey "Library - St. Francis School - Todt Hall" and there is minor residue left from the library card slip on the back board.  Usual slight oxidation.  On back exterior board there is a 3 3/8" black line which looks like it may have resulted from an an encounter with black chalk or something of the sort.  The book has a removable clear plastic protective cover. Otherwise clean, tight, very good condition.  This is an excellent reading copy and slightly collectible being the first American edition.  I haven't seen very many 1946 editions in this good of shape hence the length of time this one stayed in my collection.  Price $25.00 plus $5.00 S&H.

For buying procedures see this post.

The S&H costs are higher with some of the more expensive books because I use more protective materials with those books and I get insurance.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.  I may get another decade of books up tomorrow, otherwise it will be Thursday when the next book selling post goes up.

Lastly, I am very keen on describing the faults of the books I sell, so that there are no issues upon receipt of purchase.  Please take that into consideration when reading my descriptions.


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