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post-ochlophobic book sale....

Starting tomorrow, hopefully, I'm about to sell another batch of books.  Need cash to buy an alternator for the car and some decent whiskey and whisky for my dad and I to drink come Christmas.  So what's up next is a bunch of ChesterBelloc (including some first editions -- for instance, a first edition All Things Considered and a first edition A Chesterton Calendar, as well as a first edition of Belloc's The Jews) and Distributist titles (including some rare things), with some Gilson, Gertrude Himmelfarb, books by and about Voegelin, a couple of first edition Robert Penn Warrens, books by and about Michael Polanyi, and a few other things.

These will be sold via posts with 10-20 books per day going up.  I may add some other significant portions of my library if I get the sense that they might sell.

I am thinking I may start a new blogger blog just to sell books on, and keep the sales off of here.  Obviously I'll provide the link if I do that.  I will get word out through my usual channels but if you know of anyone who collects ChesterBelloc, Warren, or Distributist things, or anything else above mentioned, please direct them my way.

I went through most of the books that have been in boxes for years today.  It was an odd experience - seeing and holding books and remembering those points in my life when I read that book or was given it or the thrill of finding it in some bookshop, and so forth.  The books with alcohol stains and bits of tobacco in them were clearly the most loved (don't worry - I don't sell those titles - the ones I'm selling are clean).  I have this cheap Penguin Mabinogion that my friend Mark gave me just before he died, his grandfather had given it to him and his grandfather's signature is in this book.  It looks like absolute hell but I think it might be among the last 10 books I would ever get rid of.


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