fragments of an attempted writing.

In the IWW red song book I found these humorous variant lyrics sung to the tune of Solidarity Forever:

Aristocracy Forever

When the union leaders' payoffs by the bosses have begun,

There will be no labor trouble anywhere beneath the sun, 
For the AFL trade unions and the management are one.
The union keeps 6us down.

Aristocracy forever, aristocracy forever,

Aristocracy forever, the union keeps us down.

It is we who have to suffer through the daily drudgery

While Trumka pulls a hundred thousand dollar salary*
Though he claims to lead the workers, he is just a bourgeoisie.
The union keeps us down.

What do workers have in common with a labor bureaucrat,

Who's a class collaborationist and bosses' diplomat?
With the money from our paychecks he is sitting getting fat.

The union keeps us down. 

They've aligned us with the politicians, businessmen, and war,
Serving counter-revolutions and oppressions of the poor,
Till the union doesn't represent our interests anymore.
The union keeps us down.

In our hands we hold a power they don't even know about.

They've forgotten that the worker's are the union's source of clout.
When the rank and file workers kick the union bosses out,
Again we will be strong.

Last Chorus:
Solidarity Forever (x3)

Again we will be strong!

*Trumka's compensation in 2011 was just shy of $294k.  This song was written in 1995.

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