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Responding to Sister Simone Campbell's recent "Nuns on the Bus" tour designed to agitate social justice groups against Paul Ryan's famous budget, the "man with a plan" and "America's accountant" retorted that his magnum opus was perfectly in line with Catholic social teaching. From the perspective of the Church's magisterium, he is absolutely correct. From the perspective of Vatican II and the 1960s-style, secular-liberal religion it created, he is absolutely wrong. Whether he is right or wrong, in other words, depends on the age and ignorance of the viewer. Biden notoriously unites both...
Paul Ryan represents the counter-revolution of an entire generation possessing higher ideals than mere slavery to one's own impulses and crass materialism -- a generation Romney has done very well indeed to recognize.

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It's quite something that these trad Catholic hyper free marketers and/or libertarians make such audacious claims regarding CST's imprimatur of their views.  It's even more of that same something that they contrast their views to "crass materialism" as if the economics of Ryan does not begin and end in at least what functions as a crass materialism.  

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