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From an email of an IWW unionist and general strike agitator explaining the situation in WI to other IWW members:

Well the streets are virtually empty now, the national unions are focusing on recall efforts and using what momentum and consciousness that has been created to build their unions, sign up more members in existing unions in right to work states and active campaigns to organize in the health care industry.

The more radical unions and coalitions, including the iww are using this opportunity to make sure direct action is always on the table and industrial action is discussed, and solidarity Networks are in place when industrial action is called for. 

The democrats have totally co-opted this, and that is something to remember for next time. I wonder if the demonstrations in wisconsin would have ended differently or continued if the possibility for a recall didn't exist.  It doesn't for most states.

What we can do is build the labor movement as much as we can, train organizers, and discuss openly what people believe industrial action should look like and how it might transform society.

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