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WI Governor Scott Walker's latest ad.  He is bad ass, in a one eye significantly higher than the other sort of way.


  1. Owen,

    I don't have your e-mail, but I thought that, having grown up in Gallia County, you might be interested in this:

  2. Adam,

    Thanks for sharing that!

    Bob Evans was a good and decent man. His asshole brother Dan was the capitalist who turned the Bob Evans chain into the bloated corporate suckfest it is today. Ugh. You may know this - an interesting story about Bob Evans - he and his brother Dan could not stand each other. Bob felt that Dan betrayed everything Bob stood for (Bob's passion in life was small family farming, and he thought the focus of the food chain should reflect those values), and he hated that his name was associated with the ethos that Bob Evans restaurant chain had become. So late in Bob's life, just to spite his brother - he let Cracker Barrel, Bob Evans' (the chain) main competitor, build a store on property Bob owned near the Bob Evans Restaurant that was on the property of the original Bob Evan's farm. I don't think Bob Evans the man thought that Cracker Barrel was any better than the Bob Evans chain, but he apparently felt driven to let the world know he wanted nothing more to do with the company named after him.


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