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Irene Hull, R.I.P.

Labor stalwart Irene Hull dies at 98 by Tim Wheeler.  


  1. I most likely we never be as brave as she.... I hope one day I will live up to her shoes....

  2. just a side note.... your "readership" from your last blog ether have not followed you into this realm, or have nothing to say.... guess they are just girls going threw puberty ether way...

  3. not exactly true to the last comment. Last blog followers are still reading and thinking. I for one am glad to be introduced to people like Irene Hull.

  4. O.o

    j.f.w, judging from your comments, I'm not sure the readership has taken a turn for the better.

  5. first anon,

    Are you all in a pact or something, that you can speak with confidence about what my prior readership is doing?

    second anon,

    j.f.w. is my brother. He has always read my blogs. Piss off.


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