fragments of an attempted writing.

One of the greatest anti-war songs "of all time" as we say.

I will always think of this as a Planxty song (see here, but ignore the bad distortion in the audio and enjoy the hurdy gurdy), but Rusby will do, of course.  Drinking with my brother again last weekend, now fighting America's petty domestic wars (he's a Memphis cop) after finishing his duty fighting our foreign ones, I am reminded why it is I that "I wish the queen would bring home her armies."

It's not their people who fight their wars, it's my people.  So whatever your politics, perhaps you'll understand why I will till the day I die say fuck them.


  1. You call that an anti-war song?

    This is an anti-war song:

    "You're an eyeless, armless, chickenless egg" -- yipes, what a mental image!

    Diane, [posting anonymously because Blogger still hates me

  2. And this is the greatest anti-recruiting song of all time:

    Some versions have really creepy lyrics -- implying that they killed the poor little drummer boy as well as the recruiters.

    I can send you a really cool Mp3 of this song. :)


  3. BTW, didn't mean to diss "As I Roved Out," in my first comment. I was just doing my goofy Mick Dundee imitation.


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