fragments of an attempted writing.

Took the kids to their doctor on Mud Island today and got to drive on a road with a recently erected levee just to the side. This resulted in the Mississippi being notably higher than the road right next to it.  The kids thought it was pretty neat.  Can't say I'm too sad about the trendy new urbanist Disneyland homes getting wet on Mud Island, but the owners will make out alright as their kind nearly always do.

Me da writes a wee bit about the Memphis floodmageddon at PW.


  1. Nice to read your da's words. My da always was da to me and my brother growing up...a leftover from Welsh ancestors. So many people flooded out of their homes. Is your house safe? -Mary James

  2. So far the house is sitting pretty, thanks. We may have storms tomorrow and Friday, which will strain the creek behind our house, as there is really nowhere for any place for more water to go, but we hope for the best.

    I got your card and wood cuts by the way. Very beautiful, thank you so much.


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