fragments of an attempted writing.

Since bluegrass has long since been taken over by nice SUV driving Baptist homeschooling families from the nice suburbs with a stay at home mom and a dad who makes his money in finance or in sales for a company like Comcast but yet likes to listen to cds of people playing banjo and singing about hardships, I now have to have my man of constant sorrow via other genres.  My gain.


  1. You might also enjoy this, being a nursing student, Gov't Mule's "Thorazine Shuffle":

  2. LOL! Well, we live in the woods, and my DH is the one who does the homeschooling, and I'm the corporate wage-slave, so we don't entirely fit that stereotype, but we do kinda like us our bluegrass. At least, the kids and I do. DH is fonder of doo wop.

    Older son wrote one of his college-app essays -- the one that got him into UNC Chapel Hill (which he's not attending) -- on Blind Alfred Reed. Not bluegrass, of course...early protest/folk, rather...but it shows where his very eclectic musical interests lie.

    I'm partial to Patty Loveless, myself. Never really liked bluegrass until I heard Patty sing "You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive." That "high lonseome" voice did the trick for me....

  3. Oh, and I don't drive an SUV, actually. I drive a 16-year-old Honda Accord wagon. That thing just never gives up. Honda made wagons for only a few years (mid-nineties), but I've been told those wagons have Honda's strongest transmissions ever. I used to want the old bomber to poop out on me, so I could get one of those cute little Honda Fits. But now that I have a kid about to start college, I'm grateful that the old bomber's hanging in there.

  4. Diane,

    You are safe then.

    I am a misanthrope, it is one of my few talents, thus I have to stick with it.

    I love Patty Lovelace.


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