fragments of an attempted writing.

Spanish anarcho-syndicalist clay figures.


  1. How bizarre. How did you come across these?

  2. Sure beats garden gnomes. How do you view anarchism as a self-described communist?

  3. Baudy,

    Facebook friend.


    Overly hopeful and without a strong intellectual tradition. But I like hanging out with Wobblies and of course Delegado Cero is even cooler than Che.

  4. This is completely off topic, but if you get a chance to listen to this week's "This American Life", especially the second half, you'll weep. It's about oil companies in PA.

  5. I don't know about 'overly hopeful'. As Ellul said, anarchism is only the 'first active step' towards a new beginning -- not a perfect beginning, not even a more advanced one, but a beginning that offers more freedom, more spontaneity, and more possibilities than is possible under the aegis of the state. This is no less utopian than the Marxist goal of a classless society, and more realistic insofar as it realizes the futility of compromise with the modern state.

    As for intellectual tradition, it's a mixed bag. You get a lot of spray-painting high school posers who scribble (A) symbols in their trapper-keepers, and then there the academic frauds like Chomsky who are little more than conventional anti-neoliberal leftists, but you also have Stirner, Ellul, Zerzan and others who have at least contributed a few interesting ideas that aren't simply borrowed from other corners of the intellectual left-wing.


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